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Historic Newspaper

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The Day You Were Born Newspaper Gift
At a Glance:

The Historic Newspaper contains a rare, original newspaper from any date you chose. Personalize the display case to put that perfect touch on a creative gift.
  • Choose a historic newspaper from any date, year, or region in the USA
  • Receive an original newspaper in its entirety (headlines, articles, editorials)
  • Insert a personal greeting into the Certificate of Authenticity and have the recipient's name embossed on the case
"We really loved the historic newspaper we received for our 60th anniversary. What a "novelty" to read the news on our wedding day way back then. The presentation was beautiful too." --- Eve N.

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Price: $79.99

About Your Desired Paper:
Choose the Month:
Choose the Day:
Type in the Year:
What Paper Do You Want?
(or from what City, State):

Personalize the Certificate:
Paper is Presented To: * 22 letters allowed
On the Occasion of: * 22 letters allowed
Personal Message: * 100 letters allowed
Optional Gold Embossing: Emboss Recipient's Name on Cover (+ $10.00)

Add Fun Mock Front Page:
Personalized Mock Front Page sent by email as PDF w/news from your birth year! (+ $4.99) See sample
*Available from 1929 & onwards

Shipping To Address In: USA (+ $9.99) |Canada (+ $24.50) |Outside N. America (+ $34.50) |

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The Historic Newspaper is a rare historic newspaper from any date you choose! It comes to you in an elegant deep-blue display case adorned with gold embossing. Moreover, you can have the recipient's name embossed on the case and add a special message for your loved one on the certificate of authenticity. That’s what makes each Historic Newspaper a magnificent present for any special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries or any significant day in the lives of your friends, family and loved ones.

The authentic, well-preserved original newspaper is collector’s item and increasingly difficult to find. With a Historic Newspaper, you get the entire newspaper, including headlines, articles, editorials and even classifieds.  This is a most authentic reminder of life “back then” and the moment when that special something -- birth, wedding or day -- occurred.

Exact Match Guarantee - When an exact match for a newspaper is unavailable, we'll let you know which papers we do have for the date. If you're not pleased with the options, we'll refund you - no questions asked!
Please allow 5-7 working days for us to locate and prepare your paper PLUS shipping time. It can certainly happen faster than that, but there is more involved than meets the eye -- such as searching multiple warehouses for an exact match, reviewing the paper and personalizing your gift's presentation. We will always work as quickly as possible to fulfill your order!
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Return Policy: We are unable to accept returns for personalized products.

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