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New York Times Birthday Book

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New York Times Birthday Book
At a Glance:

Our New York Times Birthday Book allows you to commemorate a special day in the life of a loved one in a unique and personalized way!
  • Receive an original New York Times newspaper, featuring your special date and year
  • The paper is bound in a beautiful hard cover binding that also protects your collector's item
  • Include a personal message on the certificate and gold-emboss the recipient's name on the binding
"I just received my New York Times Birthday Book and am so pleased with it. If I can ever be a reference for your business please let me know." --- James T.

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Price: $99.99

About Your Desired Paper:
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Choose the Day:
Type in the Year:
Personalize the Certificate:
Paper is Presented To: * 22 letters allowed
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Personal Message: * 100 letters allowed
Optional Gold Embossing: Emboss Recipient's Name on Cover (+ $10.00)

Add Fun Mock Front Page:
Personalized Mock Front Page sent by email as PDF w/news from your birth year! (+ $4.99) See sample
*Available from 1929 & onwards

Shipping To Address In: USA (+ $12.95) | Canada (+ $27.95) | Everywhere Else (+ $37.95) |

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The New York Times Birthday Book is the perfect birthday gift! It contains an original New York Times newspaper from the recipientís birth date which is bound unfolded in a handsome, super-sized navy blue hardcover with the words "A Day to Remember" gold-embossed on it. Moreover, you can opt to have the recipientís name gold-embossed on the cover as well and further personalize the gift by including a special message for the recipient on the book's Certificate of Authenticity!

The New York Times Birthday Book is the premier birthday newspaper gift!  Just like today's NY Times, your paper will cover "all the news that's fit to print" such as the key events of the selected day, as well as other local and international news. The full-size hardcover binding will not only keep your unfolded original New York Times newspaper in great condition for years to come, it will also serve as a unique conversation piece.

Of course this book is a great way to mark any memorable date or occasion in someoneís life, not just a birthday. In fact, the New York Times Birthday Book can be a great holiday gift, a token of appreciation in the workplace as well as a donor recognition gift -- just to name a few ways in which this book can bring joy to someone's life.

Due to the New York newspaper strike that took place from December 8, 1962 through March 31, 1963, New York Times newspapers are unavailable for birthdays during those dates. As an alternative, please see our Washington Post Birthday Book.

Exact Match Guarantee - When an exact match for a newspaper is unavailable, we'll let you know which papers we do have for the date. If you're not pleased with the options, we'll refund you - no questions asked!
Please allow 5-7 working days for us to locate and prepare your paper PLUS shipping time. It can certainly happen faster than that, but there is more involved than meets the eye -- such as searching multiple warehouses for an exact match, reviewing the paper and personalizing your gift's presentation. We will always work as quickly as possible to fulfill your order!
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